Multiple Suspects Lead To Police Containment Near Marketplace

Stock Image of Glendora Police Car, Photo by Aaron Castrejon.

As many as five suspects attempted to possibly return stolen goods and use counterfeit money Tuesday evening in the Glendora Marketplace at the Best Buy store.

According to Glendora Lieutenant Matt Williams, officers were called to a fraud in progress for a group of males purchasing merchandise with fictitious money earlier in the evening.

Upon officer’s arrival, the suspects took off on foot to various areas of the marketplace and surrounding neighborhoods according to residents in the area and eye witnesses on social media.

The residential neighborhood one of the suspects may have gone is the area of Gladstone Street and Valley Center Avenue, to the rear of the Marketplace.

Police have arrested at least four suspects but one remains at large in that area. The suspect is described as a black male wearing all black clothing and has been reported to GCN by residents in yards and in that area.

If you know any information or want to report suspicious activity, please call the Glendora Police Department at 626-914-8250.