Business Spotlight: Maria's Mexican Restaurant Expanding

Maria's 3 T's Special featuring a taco, tostada and two taquitos

Maria’s Mexican Restaurant plans to expand both its property and its hold on the hearts of many in Glendora.

The family first had a restaurant with two brothers known as Pepe’s, a restaurant opened by brothers Jose and Joe Vasquez and their wives. Opening a restaurant had always been a dream for the Vasquez brothers. The topic was often discussed, and one day they decided to open the business. The wives became the cooks, and the husbands did the bookkeeping, learning the business as they went.

After 17 years, the lease was up, and the two brothers decided to go separate ways in pursuit of different passions. But Maria’s love for the restaurant business did not dissipate, and after a year of retirement, Jose and his wife Maria wanted to return to the restaurant business, and opened Maria’s. The rest is history.

Chile Verde Burrito

Chile Verde Burrito

Jose and Maria’s three daughters Teresa, Olga, and Irma, and their grandson Gabriel now run the restaurant. Generations of the Vasquez family have kept the restaurant going for 24 years, creating enticing Mexican food to the community.

For Teresa, Olga and Irma, Maria’s-has maintained a steadfast presence through their whole life. Siblings and children have all done their share working in the restaurant. The majority of workers are family, or close friends of family, making Maria’s truly a family restaurant.

There were moments when they had to work a bit harder than usual to stay afloat, but the whole process-starting from scratch in the restaurant industry-has went relatively smoothly.

“We’ve always had a pretty good clientele,” Gabriel commented. “There’s always been a good amount of people we can count on to come in every week.”

The small location has cultivated a familial atmosphere, but Maria’s will be expanding the restaurant to accommodate the increase in business. Expansion is set to begin in April 2017. In the Vons and CVS plaza, Starbucks will be moving to take over the donut shop and UPS location, while Maria’s will expand to take over Starbucks.


Chicken Flautas Order

The food is made with only the freshest ingredients, and all the recipes are uniquely Maria’s, handed down through the generations. Their popular dishes include chicken flautas and the 3 T’s-a taco, tostada, and taquitos. 

Jose Vasquez passed away on July 14, 2001, and Maria recently passed away June 29, 2014. Both times, the restaurant closed down for a week out of respect. The community also gave their condolences, sending flowers and cards to the Vasquez family.

“It’s been two years, but the restaurant has not been affected.” Irma replies solemnly.

Their absences can still be felt at times, but the community has been very understanding and helped the family get back on their feet so that Teresa, Olga, Irma, and Gabriel may endeavor to continue Maria’s legacy.

The close ties that Maria’s has created have touched the hearts of many. So much so, that they have run into customers in places like Hawaii, Chicago, and even Alaska.

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You can see their full menu HERE.