GPD Nabs Five Masked Burglary Suspects and Accomplices

Stock Image of Glendora Police Car, Photo by Aaron Castrejon.

In a night that will certainly be remembered by residents in the area, Glendora police managed to find and arrest all five male burglars, who were wearing ski masks, and had hit multiple houses. In addition, three female accomplices were also arrested.

It all started Tuesday night, just after 9pm in the 200 block of North Greencroft Ave. A homeowner witnessed two suspects in ski masks peering over his wall on his surveillance camera, according to Glendora Police Lieutenant Matt Egan.

As officers arrived from Country Club Rd, a Mercedes driving fast with no headlights was caught leaving the scene. Two suspects in the car were detained immediately by officers.

At almost the exact same time, screams of help could be heard by officers from a home in the 100 block of North Country Club Dr.

The screams were followed by three black suspects, who emerged running out of the residence, two of them still wearing masks. Police were able to arrest one almost instantly.

The two remaining suspects split, one going north towards Valiant St and the other ran South to Palomar Dr. Two stolen handguns from a Country Club Rd house were found on Country Club Rd, presumably ditched from the fleeing suspects.

Crawl space under a home on Greencroft where one suspect was located.

Crawl space under a home on Greencroft where one suspect was located.

The northbound fleeing suspect was later located under a house crawl space in another area of Greencroft Ave and arrested. The southbound fleeing suspect was eventually found with the aid of the K-9 Bo.

Bo found the southbound fleeing suspect, in the course of the nearly four-hour search, hiding under a car cover in a garage on the 2000 block of Cumberland Rd. Another stolen handgun was found in a yard on Palomar Dr. as well.

During the exhaustive search, two vehicles came driving near the containment. They were both driven by females who were unable to give police good reason as to why they were coming to the location.

After investigating, one had evidence of communication with a hiding suspect. In all, three female suspects were also arrested from those two vehicles.

All of the arrested suspects were from Pasadena and Lancaster.

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