Allawos, Davis Win Council Election

Glendora City Hall

The results came in slow overnight but in the end, Michael Allawos and Karen Davis won the two City Council seats in yesterday’s election.

With what appears to be just around 4,000 voters, one of the lowest turnouts in the city’s recent history, Allawos and Davis stayed consistent in gaining the vote by mail and election day voters.

March 7, City Council Election Results

March 7, City Council Election Results

The last election in 2015 had 4,117 voters turnout, which was also low compared to the 5,887 voters in the 2011 City Council Election. There was no election in 2013, as both candidates ran unopposed.

The results mirrored the order of GCN’s early polling for the second straight election. The poll, which GCN put out last month, had the same order of results for all five candidates.

Karen Davis, who was the only incumbent re-elected, was very appreciative to the residents. Davis remains heavily involved in not only city government, but as Chaplain for the Glendora Police Department as well as serving in many community service groups.

Karen Davis

Karen Davis

“I would like to thank the community for their support and their trust in my abilities. It is an honor and privilege to be able to continue to serve the citizens of Glendora for the next four years.  I look forward to the continued input and involvement of all of the citizens of this wonderful community. Thank you again”, Davis told GCN.

Michael Allawos gained the most votes, taking in 2,593 votes, over 500 more than Davis. Allawos was one of the candidates running on a platform against high density housing and in favor of height limits on new buildings. The residents seemed to take to his message, putting him clearly into first place.

“I am deeply honored and humbled by the citizens of Glendora to have earned their trust to represent them on the Glendora City Council. I will keep my pledge to listen first then act to the will of all Glendora residents and workers”, Allawos wrote to GCN.

Michael Allawos

Michael Allawos

Erica Landmann, another candidate against higher buildings and hillside development came in third with 1,743 votes, almost 300 behind Davis.

Current Mayor Gene Murabito, the other incumbent running, came in fourth with 1,294 votes. Kamal Stephan, who put up no signs and provided no candidate statement or information on himself for the most part, came in predictably last with just 387 votes.