Applicants Wanted for Glendora Financial Ad Hoc Committee


The City Council is requesting volunteers to form an Ad Hoc Committee to review financial issues within the City and become an asset for us to use your skills and knowledge to review City Finances and help to advise us on some possible obstacles we will be addressing.

Currently, the City of Glendora spends over 70% of our General Fund on Salaries and Benefits and that number is growing every year. As with any Budget, as expenses grow, our choices are to increase revenue or to cut expenses. That’s where your help comes in. Click HERE for more info.

As this committee will be a true Ad Hoc Committee, the committee will decide when and where to meet and what to discuss and ideas on how to address some of our financial issues as we continue to move forward.

If you are a resident of Glendora, please review the information below and check out the attached application to get involved. I know there is a perception that the Government doesn’t listen to the tax payers. Well, that’s exactly what we are trying to accomplish here. Get involved and be part of the solution.

The applications are due by May 3rd which is only a few days away, but we need to act. MORE INFO