Glendora Rotary Mini-Grants For Teachers Awards

February 5th 2019 the Rotary Club of Glendora awarded their 2019 Glendora Rotary “Mini-Grants For Teachers” awards to deserving Glendora and Charter Oak Unified School Teachers.

Glendora Rotary’s sponsorship of “Mini-Grants For Teachers” began in 1984 under the guidance and tutelage of the late William “Bill” Bird. The Rotary Club of Glendora dedicates this annual project to Bill’s memory. This program is one of the major fund-raising efforts of Glendora Rotarians. This year’s campaign began in October and culminated with the awarding of 37 grants to 45 teachers totaling $12,829.00 at the Recognition Ceremony. Glendora Rotarians have solicited funds with the Club, from local business people, and from members of the community.

Recipients of this year’s 37 awards were as follows: (Download the complete 2019 Rotary Mini Grant Program here.)

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The above pictures are of the teachers receiving their awards.

From Charter Oak Unified School District:

Washington Elementary: “From Ecosystem to Table!” by Mary Louise (Jamie) Class, “Walk Through the American Revolution” by Donna LaRoche & Anne Dover “Magnets in Motion” by Carol Gilkinson, “Learning at My Level: Teaching Supplies for Small Group Instruction” by May Chow Luo, “Snail Science” by Tracey Hadan, “Time, Money and Fractions: Learning by Doing” by Lauren Morris, and “Greek Mythology/ Claymation i-Movie” by Carrie Smith.

From Glendora Unified School District:

Cullen Elementary: “Transitional Kindergarten Classroom Manipulatives for Science and Math” by Janice Ahrens, “Building Creativity, Collaboration and Critical Thinking Through STEAM!” by Amy Speier-Boylls.

La Fetra Elementary: “Full “STEAM” Ahead” by Kimberly Kuehfuss & Julie Rodriguez, “Games People Play” by Sandi Kuga, “Science Me Up” by Karen Haney, and “Dribble Dribble, Bounce Bounce” by Kelly Tilton & Deborah Patzold.

Sellers Elementary: “21st Century Virtual Classroom Assistant” by Jerry Rivard and “Cracking the Code for Reading” by Cindy Dunaway.

Sutherland Elementary: “Life in Colonial America” by Jana Jacobsen and “Illuminated Learning” by Vanessa Manhire.

Stanton Elementary: “Interactive Writing for Student Engagement” by Colleen Brower, “Let’s Play and Learn” by Serena Armijo, “Flexible Seating” by Amy Estrada, “Do You Want To Build A Robot?” by Darla Elder, “Pathway to Learning” by Tiffiny Ramirez, “Reaching All Readers!” by Viviana Bitonti,  “Flexible Seating!“ by Katlyn Wagner, “Can’t Stop the FEELINGS!!” by Indu Afandalor, “Out of ‘Sight’” by Beth Gorski, and “Fine Motor Frenzy!” by Diane Kolby.

Goddard Middle School: “Full STEAM Ahead” by Laura Purington & Janette El Rai,

Sandburg Middle School: “History Day Blast From The Past VII: History Awakens” by Christian Rivas & Matthew Lindahl “Ecologists in Training” by Rachel Bizzotto & Tom Baumgartner, and “STEAM Club Circuitry“ by Azure Edwards & Jacoba Vagnozzi.

Glendora High School: “NGSS Engineering Design Lab” by Dillon Mason, “T-Shirt Design” by Lucy Manalo, “Skills for Life” by Janie Martinez, “Typing Perfection” by Eric Smith, and “Class Set of Chrome Books” by Jashua Robles.

Whitcomb High School: “Balance (Yoga, Meditation, and Mental Resilience Club)” by Ralph Love & Haley Ayers

The Glendora Rotary Club would like to thank all the Charter Oak and Glendora Unified School District Administration, all our donors, and committee members for making this year’s Glendora Rotary Mini-Grant for Teachers a success.



About the Glendora Rotary Club:

Glendora Rotary’s motto is Service Above Self. The Club works hard in the community and around the world to make a difference. Serving the community is our number one goal. We meet every Tuesday at 12:00PM at The Glendora Continental Restaurant. 316 W Rte. 66, Glendora, CA 91740. If you are interested in more information, please join us for lunch or check out our website at