Safety and Quality of Your Local Water in the Main San Gabriel Basin

(The information below was produced by Patty Cortez USGVMWD)

Do you know where your water comes from? Most of the San Gabriel Valley’s water needs (80%) are supplied from local water sources stored right under our feet, while the other part (20%) is imported from Northern California through the State Water Project. Every time you turn on your faucet or take a shower, you are tapping into a complex and safe drinking water system. Your local water comes from snow and rain that flows naturally into the San Gabriel River Watershed and filters into the Main San Gabriel Basin known as groundwater. When water is pumped from the Basin, it undergoes an extensive purification and treatment process that makes it safe for consumer use. Upper District’s mission is to consistently meet our region’s need for a reliable, high quality and safe water supply.

Drinking Water Standards and Water Quality

The novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19, does not impact the quality and supply of your local tap water. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, COVID-19 is transmitted person to person, not through water. Your water is both safe and available by turning on the tap. Residents can trust their local water supply and may limit their need to stockpile water. Emergency preparedness encourages a 2-week supply in the case of a major disruption in water sources; however, in this situation emergency water supplies are not a concern.

Tap water is regulated for safety by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and must meet stringent state and federal drinking water quality standards. Water treatment plants that provide water must be tested multiple times per day. Every water provider within our region and the country at large is required to provide customers with detailed water quality reports to assure EPA compliance. 

In the San Gabriel Valley, your water providers monitor water quality every step of the way, from source to tap. They are committed to providing customers with safe and reliable water. They have used several treatment techniques to eliminate pathogens, which include viruses. This ensures safe drinking water for all residents and customers.

With the coordination of local water agencies and partners, the San Gabriel Basin Water Quality AuthorityMain San Gabriel Basin Watermaster, and Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water Districtthese measures have been effective in providing a water supply that meets and exceeds drinking water standards set by the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974.

The California State Water Resources Control Board has issued a public notice to not discard “flushable” wipes, facial tissues, baby wipes, sanitation wipes, paper towels and similar products in the toilet.  Wastewater treatment facilities around California may get overwhelmed and have already reported issues with their collection systems and in-home plumbing blockages.
Read the California State Water Resources Control Board News Advisory

Water Related Links and Fact Sheets 

Metropolitan Water District COVID-19 and Water Supply Fact Sheet 

Health and Safety Tips 

In accordance with the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) during this national emergency, Upper District encourages the public to practice the following behaviors to help prevent the spread of the disease. Learning how the virus is transmitted and taking steps to protect yourself and your family is important and should be adhered.

  • Protect Yourself and Your Neighbor 
  • Practice Social Distancing – at least 6 feet 
  • Wash Your Hands Often –  at least 20 seconds 
  • Cover Coughs and Sneezes with Elbow
  • Do NOT Wear a Facemask if You Are Not Sick 
  • Disinfect and Clean Surfaces Thoroughly 
  • Do Not Go Into Work if You’re Experiencing Illness 
  • Contact your healthcare provider before seeking medical care if you’re experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or may have been in contact with a person with COVID-19

CDC: Know How It Spreads and What are the Steps

About Upper District

Upper District’s mission is to consistently meet our region’s need for reliable, high quality and affordable water; including water conservation, recycled water, storm water capture, storage, water transfers and imported water. Upper District services nearly one million people in its 144 square mile service territory. Governed by a five-member elected board of directors, Upper District is a member agency of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Annually, more than 78 billion gallons of water is used in Upper District’s service area. For 60 years, Upper District has been a leader in water stewardship and water conservation.