Glendora Rotary Helping Neighbors Affected by COVID-19

The Rotary Club of Glendora is made up of people who get together to serve the community. We provide leadership, manpower and financial support for many charitable activities in town. We want our neighbors to know what the Glendora Rotary Club is doing to help people in the community affected by the COVID-19 health crisis. We also want to ask you to join us in our efforts.

Here’s what we’re doing: We are addressing the issue in two major ways.

  1. By helping with physical safety.
  2. By assisting with the basic needs of people that have been financially affected.  

To stop the spread of the virus we’ve been distributing masks, surface sanitizer and some protective equipment. If you have a need, we have limited supplies still available at:

• Certified Auto • Southland Properties • Visiting Angels

We are also providing for the basic needs of our neighbors financially affected by the pandemic.

  • We are donating cash and food to Shepherd’s Pantry our local food bank. These food donations should help 600 plus families in our community
  • We are donating money to purchase hygiene products, gift cards for groceries/target/gas etc. to the Charter Oak School District Community liaison and to the Glendora Welfare Association. These organizations have the infrastructure in place to have the greatest impact on those in need.

We’re proud to say that Glendora Rotary is spearheading these efforts. Glendora Rotary is providing a significant amount of funds and 100% of what we are raising goes directly to the cause. We have leveraged these gifts by partnering with Friends of Rotary, Glendora Chamber of Commerce, Visiting Angels, Wells Fargo Advisors, Grand Burger, Certified Auto, Southland Properties, Glen Rose Meat Co., and Crust and Crumble.  We know there are others in the community who would like to contribute as well, so we’re putting out the word.

If you want to join us in our Glendora Rotary Community COVID Relief Challenge, you may donate at or checks may also be mailed to: Glendora Rotary Club, PO BOX 776 Glendora, CA 91740. You can also contact our Treasurer Joe Cina at the Glendora Chamber of Commerce.

Lastly, if you are part of an organization or business in town, we want to encourage you to join us.  We would love to have matching donations.  Thank you for any support you can give.  A little bit can go a long way! Let’s support our community. 



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