Nominations Are Now Being Accepted For The 2022 Glendora Citizen of the Year

Nominations for the 2022 Glendora Citizen of the Year, presented by The Glendora Chamber of Commerce, are now being accepted. Glendora organizations and citizens have until Friday, January 27, 2023, to submit their nominations for Glendora’s 2022 Citizen of the Year. Nomination forms are available at the Glendora Chamber of Commerce office at 224 N. Glendora Ave. or can be downloaded at No nominations will be accepted after the deadline.

Selection criteria include the following:

  1. Contributions to Glendora’s community welfare betterment.
  2. Participation in community, Chamber, civic, and government enterprises.
  3. The lasting value of services related to items (a) and (b).
  4. Demonstration of personal leadership abilities.
  5. Spirit of cooperation with organizations and individuals.

The Citizen of the Year banquet honoring this year’s recipient will be held on Thursday, April 20, 2023, at the Glendora Country Club at 6:00 pm.

Since 1948, the Glendora Citizen of the Year award has been given to Glendorans for their great work in the community. Here are past recipients of the award.

1948-Charles Gordon
1949-Will Miller
1950-Rolf Bidwell
1951-Charlotte Gordon
1952-Betty & Clem LaFetra
1953-William Dyer
1954-Bud Noakes
1955-Bill Seibert
1956-Odo Stade
1957-Ted & Mary Kennard
1958-John Bock
1959-Paul Roll
1960-Dorothy Lee
1961-Herb Jack
1962-Elvin Stanton, MD
1963-Harriet Geyer
1964-Walter Hodges
1965-Al Prentice
1966-George McGill
1967-Louis Wood
1968-Frank Teter
1969-Joe Finkbiner
1970-Leonard Ray
1971-Edmund Smyth
1972-Mitchell Anthony
1973-Robert C. Odell
1974-Carlyle D. Colley
1975-Rev. Arthur Baldwin
1976-Eugene Beckwith
1977-Helen Bettin
1978-Charles J. Kramer, MD
1979-Donald F. Adams
1980-Ben Bollinger
1981-James Vincent
1982-Keith Van Vliet

1983-Norman R. Nichols
1984-Guy A. Williams, Jr.
1985-Florence Landon
1986-Betty & Lowell Andrews
1987-Sarah & Art Ludwick
1988-Ruth Harper
1989-Everett Hughes
1990-Orv Mestad, DDS
1991-Ida & Joe Fracasse
1992-Larry R. Glenn
1993-Mary l. Lundstrom
1994-Sharon B. Meyer
1995-Penny Paulus
1996-Mildred Kobzeff
1997-Keith Hilliard
1998-Bill & Peggy Harding
1999-Wayne & Annette Whistler
2000-Jane Tessitor Braun
2001-Lu Cronin
2002-Jan White
2003-Rev. Karen Davis
2004-Pat Janes & Culver Heaton, Jr.
2005-Tony Miller
2006-Norma & Gordon Rowley
2007-Mike & Marcia Conway
2008-Gordon & Diane Norman
2009-Sharon Lewis
2010-Stan & Debbie Deal
2011-Jim Riley
2012-Thom Hill
2013-John Lundstrom
2014-Chris & Wes Purkiss
2015-Tricia & Chuck Gomer
2016-Helen Storland
2017-Robert Davis
2018-Rose Wentz
2019-Gary & Connie Andrews

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