Most Citizens Satisfied With City Services, Facilities, Survey Shows

A survey commissioned by Glendora city staff shows that the majority of residents polled rated the quality of life in town as either excellent or good.

The 2014 Citizen Survey was commissioned by city staff in order to gauge the satisfaction with services, facilities, identify opportunities for the city to make improvements and ensure sound strategic decisions are made.

The survey, conducted by True North Research, was administered to 400 randomly selected Glendora registered voter households. Data showed that 93 percent of the citizens polled rated the quality of life as either “excellent or good,” according to city documents.

The majority of respondents, 20 percent, were age 45 to 54. There was a three way tie of 16 percent for respondents age 35 to 44, 55 to 64 and 65 and older.

The survey reported that 91 percent of Glendora residents were “satisfied” with the city’s overall performance with providing municipal services.

Regarding communication, 82 percent of residents were “satisfied” with the city’s effort to communicate with them. When asked, residents sought more information on redevelopment, water quality, supply and rates.

As far as ideas to help improve quality of life in Glendora, 25 percent of residents polled said they were not sure or that no changes were needed. Among the improvements listed, the respondents listed limiting growth and development and street repairs as ideas for improvement.

Regarding communication, 76 percent said they were satisfied with opportunities to communicate with the city.

When asked what percentage of their retail shopping dollars (excluding grocery shopping) were spent in Glendora, 16 percent said 20 to 29 percent of their money was spent in town, while there was a tie with 13 percent reporting anywhere from 50 to 59 percent and 90 to 100 percent was spent in Glendora stores.

Large chains in Glendora, such as Vons, Wal-Mart, Stater Bros., Home Depot and Sam’s Club were amongst the top stores shopped at by residents, the survey showed.

The Citizen Survey will be discussed at length at the next Glendora City Council meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, December 9 at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 116 East Foothill Boulevard.

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