WEST COVINA: Glendora Detectives Bust Hash Oil Lab

Photo by Zak Bushey.

About five Glendora detectives and the multi-agency L.A. IMPACT taskforce spent the better part of six hours Tuesday morning and afternoon dismantling a hash oil lab connected to Glendora, authorities said.

One man was arrested without incident at a home where a butane hash oil lab was operating in the 1200 block of East Elgenia Street in West Covina.

While detectives were not willing to give too many specifics, they did reveal that they conducted an investigation over an unspecified timeframe and served a search warrant the morning of June 23 where the hash oil lab was discovered, said Detective Alex Stein of Glendora Police.

“We conducted a narcotics investigation and our investigation took us to this residence,” Stein said.

Arrested was West Covina resident Justin Weathermon, 33. He was booked on suspicion of manufacturing a controlled substance. Weathermon is being held in lieu of $75,000 bail.

The Los Angeles Interagency Metropolitan Police Apprehension Crime Task Force is comprised of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies with the focus of investigating major crimes and dismantling drug trafficking.

Detectives did not have an estimated dollar amount on the street value of the hash oil.

Hash oil is a form of marijuana obtained by solvent extraction, where the cannabis plant is stripped of its TCH content, in this case with butane gas, and is transformed into a substance that resembles honey, or wax.

The substance that remains after the butane is evaporated reportedly contains a concentrated form of marijuana’s psychoactive chemical, Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.