VIDEO: Motorcyclist Slams Into Fire Truck on Mountain Road

Image from Youtube.

We are getting our fist look at some scary video of a motorcyclist’s head-on encounter with a fire truck on one of the mountain roads April 1.

The collision occurred on the mountain road at 1:24 p.m. on Glendora Ridge Road at Glendora Mountain Road. The video shows a motorcyclist who goes by the name of Jesse Lopez on Youtube enjoying a ride. As he turns a blind curve, Lopez crosses into opposing traffic and hits a Los Angeles County Fire Department crew bus head on.

Lopez reportedly suffered a broken femur, tibia, fibula, ulna and humerus.

The crew bus was transporting fire fighters who had finished clearing brush in the area, said Fire Fighter Specialist Chris Reade with the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Lopez was treated by fire fighters. He was stable on scene and was flown by helicopter as a trauma patient, Reade said.

“My arm is almost back, it’s still stiff from the cast and I will be able to walk again. I got very lucky. No real permanent injuries,” Lopez said on his Youtube page.

According to KABC News, Lopez, 24, had just owned the motorcycle for seven months.

“We are very cautious up there. We have one of our fire camps up there. These guys are driving these roads every single day and they’ve seen the hazards they’ve seen the accidents. That motorcycle just went right into them,” Reade said.