Police Awarded Grant To Reduce Alcohol Use by Minors

Photo by Zak Bushey.

The Glendora City Council June 28 voted to accept grant funding to keep minors from being sold and from using alcoholic beverages.

The city accepted and voted to appropriate $35,031 from the State of California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to provide education, training and enforcement in the prevention of alcohol use by minors and sale of alcohol to minors from Glendora establishments.

The Glendora Police Department applied to be partners with the La Verne Police Department for the 2016-17 fiscal year.

Both departments plan to educate licensed sellers of alcohol in areas of both Glendora and La Verne where problems have been identified, Glendora Police outlined in the grant agreement.

In addition to other outlined goals, police plan to deploy four minor decoy operations at on and off-sale locations, four shoulder tap operations, two drunk decoy operations, two multi-agency DUI saturation patrols and bartender training as part of the Know THEIR Limit campaign.

The Know THEIR Limit campaign would allow bartenders to know when to stop serving intoxicated patrons, police said.

In the Shoulder Tap program, minor decoys, under the direct supervision of officers, either attempt to purchase alcohol or ask an adult to purchase alcohol for them.

Any adult found providing alcohol to a minor will either be cited or arrested for furnishing alcohol to a minor, police said.

In 2015, Glendora officers made 230 DUI arrests of which 22 were for underage drinking, police said.

The grant will be used for personnel costs, city staff said.