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Stay Fearless Khloe

“Today I broke up with my cancer, and we are NEVER, EVER, getting back together! LIKE, EVER!”, Stay Fearless Khloe said on her Facebook page yesterday.

Glendora City News has learned that Khloe, the first grader battling cancer here in Glendora, was cleared yesterday and is CANCER FREE!!! She received this wonderful news less than two weeks after undergoing enucleation surgery to have her right eye removed. See more about Khloe and Glendora Going Gold.

This came after a two year battle and multiple treatments for a tumor growing behind her optic nerve.

Khloe has returned to school as of yesterday and her family and friends have continued to surround her with love and support throughout.

America's Christian Credit Union CEO Mendell Thompson and staff raised money to help kick off Khloe's next book drive benefitting CHLA

America’s Christian Credit Union CEO Mendell Thompson and staff raised money to help kick off Khloe’s next book drive benefitting CHLA

Khloe is followed by over 3,000 people on social media and issues updates on her fight and aims to help inspire other children and families affected by cancer. She will continue to raise books to help lift the spirits of other children at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

America’s Christian Credit Union has already raised money to help her, come January, when she plans to start collecting books again.

Even though we at Glendora City News are happy for Khloe, we will continue to pray for those families of children with cancer who are still going through this horrific experience. We ask that the community join us in keeping all the children around the world affected by cancer in your thoughts and prayers as well.

Go Gold! Just a reminder, September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!