Glendora Planned Parenthood Briefly Evacuated Over Unattended Backpack

Photo by Zak Bushey.

The Glendora Planned Parenthood building was evacuated Tuesday morning over what police called a simple misunderstanding.

Officers were called at 11:15 a.m. to Planned Parenthood, 130 W. Route 66, by security there to check an unattended backpack left inside the building by a man who exited the building briefly after arriving.

The backpack had been left under a chair,  police said.

“There was an evacuation out of an abundance of caution,” said Lt. Matt Egan of Glendora Police, who reiterated there was no threat made, or mention of a bomb, but a cautionary response.

The occupants evacuated while police responded.

While police were on scene, the backpack’s owner came back within a few minutes from his car and told police what happened, Egan said.

The backpack was reportedly left with the man’s companion while they were in a waiting room. The man left briefly to get something from his car, Egan sad.

“We suggested evacuation would be the safest thing until we figured out what we had going on in light of what’s been going on at different Planned Parenthoods,” Egan said.

The evacuation was over within minutes.