LOI Signed for Highly Anticipated Grocery Chain Replacing Glendora Ralphs

Photo by Zak Bushey.

On November 20, Ralphs at 655 south Grand Ave in Glendora closed it’s doors for good.

The long time grocery chain had been rumored to be closing for a while and it was finally made official and closed in November.

With every door that closes however, a new one opens, as Sprouts Farmers Market has reportedly signed a LOI (Letter of Intent), for a lease to occupy the Glendora location. This information was confirmed by City Manager Chris Jeffers to GCN.

“Certainly this confirms our business strategic plans; our business friendly efforts and the impact that our residential development is having by bringing people that have disposable income into our community. It is a wonderful example of Council and staff’s hard work”, Jeffers told GCN.

They still are trying to get the details of a planned redevelopment of the building, with approval of that plan possibly happening at the February or March Planning Commission meeting.

There has been such a desire for our city to get a healthier grocery store option, that even social media has been pushing. One Facebook group in Glendora, simply titled ‘Bring Sprouts to Glendora/San Dimas‘ was in contact with corporate at Sprouts in hopes of luring the chain to our city of 55,000 residents. As of this story that Facebook page had more than 470 fans and growing.

Produce Department at a Spouts Farmers Market *Photo courtesy of sprouts.com

Produce Department at a Spouts Farmers Market *Photo courtesy of sprouts.com

Spouts, founded in 2002 out of Chandler Arizona has over 200 stores nationwide, including 27 new locations by the end of 2015. Priding itself on being known for healthier food, their website states they “offer fresh, natural and organic foods and products at incredible prices – and in an approachable setting that feels like an old-fashioned farmers market”.