Suspect Passing Counterfeit Bills To Glendora Businesses

At least two Glendora businesses were ripped off last Friday with counterfeit bill passing. The two businesses affected are sharing information to the public in case there may be other victims who are unaware.

Late Friday afternoon, what has been identified as the same suspect, entered two businesses and exchanged a counterfeit one hundred dollar bill. Despite up close and face to face interaction, the gender of the suspect is not known. At least four witnesses can not agree if it was a male or a female.

A photo of the counterfeit bill passed at Plaza Produce

A photo of the counterfeit bill passed at Plaza Produce

The first known occurrence was at Plaza Produce, 303 W. Foothill Blvd. The suspect approached the order counter and ordered two sandwiches, then paid with a one hundred dollar bill. The employee accepted the bill, issued change and noticed the person exited swiftly without waiting for the sandwiches.

The employee, knowing something was off, instantly notified a manager to check the bill again and they called the police. A report was taken.

The bill was the older style but a very good counterfeit. It appeared to be the correct type of paper so it may be a smaller denomination bleached and reprinted as a higher denomination, as is a popular method. The marker used to detect phony bills doesn’t always work, according to Detective Russell Ziino of Glendora PD.

“Counterfeit markers don’t always pick up on this method because the paper is the correct linen blend”,  said Det. Ziino

The second known occurrence, around the same time, took place just a few blocks away at the Village Eatery, 221 N. Glendora Ave. The suspect entered the business and ordered food. The restaurant prepared the food before taking payment so the suspect was there for a period of time chatting with an independent contractor of the business.

The suspect is described as a black male or female, in their 20’s, around 5’6″ in height with a very slender build.

If you are a victim or recognize the suspect in the photo, please contact the Glendora Police Department at 626-914-8250.