Conservation Ordinance Proposal Could Provide Some Relief To Customers

A proposed ordinance change for conservation standards may be coming after California readjusted its water reduction mandates across the state.

The city’s ordinance proposal would reduce the daytime watering restriction, which prevents watering from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., changing it to 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The 30 minute per week, per station regulation will remain. However, residents with efficient sprinklers and irrigation systems would be allowed extra time to properly water plants.

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One of the biggest complaints residents lodged with staff was having to get up early to water their landscaping. If the City Council approves the ordinance changes, residents would be allowed an extra two hours in the morning and one extra hour in the afternoon.

In May, the California State Resources Water Control Board replaced its percentage reduction-based conservation standard previously applied to urban water suppliers, using a new localized “stress test.”

With the change, Glendora’s 36 percent conservation standard was reduced to 20 percent.

The new standard, which will be in effect through January of 2017, requires locally developed conservation standards based on each urban water supplier’s circumstances. Each supplier must ensure a three-year water supply assuming the state endures three more years of drought, according to the state Water Board in a written statement.

“We do want to provide some relief because people have been doing their part and 36 compared to 20 percent is a big difference. But it still means our programs will have to continue and we still have to stay diligent,” said Jennifer Aguilar, management analyst.

The ordinance change proposal is expected to be presented to the City Council for the first meeting in August.