Scavenger Hunt: Metal Mice Take Over Glendora Village

One of the many mice in the Glendora Village *Photo courtesy of GCN follower Zach S.

A series of at least 8 metal mice have invaded the Glendora Village.

Social Media has some photos of the mice which look to be placed along the Glendora Village walking areas. A couple people have counted a total of 8 and people are in the Village letting there kids do a scavenger hunt of sorts to find them.

An internet search returned a project in Greenville, South Carolina called Mice On Main. That project seems to line up with the Glendora Village mice.

For his senior project at Christ Church Episcopal School in 2000, Jim Ryan proposed the idea of installing a family of nine unique mice sculptures in surprising places along Greenville’s Main Street.

His original idea spun from the book, Goodnight Moon, which he and his mom read every night when he was small. There are nine mice pictured in that story.

GCN is not aware of who placed them or for what reason, but have noticed people coming to the village to catch a glimpse of the metal mice.

So, if you see more, let us know or post a photo on the story thread. Happy Hunting!