Thieving Woman Arrested Twice in Two Days

Photo by Zak Bushey.

A woman was arrested Tuesday evening, just 26 hours after she had been arrested and released for the same type of crime in another part of Glendora.

A couple arrived home Tuesday evening shortly after 6 PM near Wabash and Ada Ave. As they pulled into the driveway, they noticed a bicycle was laying on the ground near their other vehicle.

After noticing movement in their parked vehicle, the boyfriend approached the car as the girlfriend called the Glendora Police Department, who arrived quickly according to the couple.

The suspect exited the vehicle after stashing a knife or saw looking item into hiding according to the theft victims. Once out of the vehicle, the couple communicated to the girl that she needed to remain until the police came and she did.

She was “way off” and most likely on drugs according to the couple.

Arrested was Erica Kristen Chapman, 45, a transient out of Palmdale.

The day before she was arrested in the 200 block of W. Arrow Highway and held briefly on a disorderly conduct charge, possibly for engaging in the same type of theft of unlocked vehicles.