America’s Christian Credit Union (ACCU) reaffirms its commitment to building stronger families, communities, and futures during its 60th anniversary year as a financial partner for cultural impact.

“For 60 years, ACCU, through our mission – to reach, serve, and teach – has been steadfast in our commitment to improve the lives of our members. We strive to set an example as a positive change agent and as a financial partner grounded in Christian stewardship principles. One of our proudest achievements is our premier Adoption Loan program, by which we have helped over 1,750 children find their forever family,” said ACCU’s President/CEO Mendell L. Thompson.

Recently, America’s Christian Credit Union was named as one of America’s most adoption-friendly workplaces by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. “Today we want to build upon the momentum of our adoption ministry and expand our vision to assist at-risk foster youth in our community,” said Thompson, while speaking, also as Mayor of the city of Glendora, at “College Bound,” Pasadena City College’s first-ever college resource conference for foster youth.

“There is such a profound need,” observed Fawn Imboden, Vice President of America’s Christian Credit Union. “These children often have to make very adult decisions and weigh perceived short-term gains against long term benefits. The current education epidemic affecting foster youth in our nation is staggering. As it stands today, only about 50% of foster youth graduate from high school and just 2% emerging from foster care earn a degree of any kind after high school. This is a societal problem that we have a responsibility to help solve.”

In response to this clear need, America’s Christian Credit Union, along with California State Senator Anthony Portantino, and several local churches, non-profits and agencies, helped organize this “College Bound” event, focused on encouraging and assisting high school foster youth as they look to navigate their teen years and stay on track for college. ACCU contributed to the event by hosting financial trivia and literacy workshops in addition to bestowing six scholarships and special bonuses to college-bound attendees who complete financial aid applications. “ACCU’s support of this event will go a long way in ensuring that foster youth have the support the need to apply for college AND pay for college,” said Senator Portantino.

About America’s Christian Union
Founded in 1958 and currently managing nearly $400 million in assets America’s Christian Credit Union provides a broad range of financial solutions grounded in Christian stewardship principles most notably savings and personal loan products that serve ministry expansion and families through their adoption loan program. The vision of America’s Christian Credit Union is “A Financial Partner for Cultural Impact” which is realized through their mission to reach, serve and teach in concert with their corporate priorities to build stronger: families, ministries, communities and ministries. For additional information, visit