Mud and Debris fill North Glendora Streets

Crews continue to work on clearing mud, rocks and debris from streets in north Glendora.

These intense storms are what city officials warned residents about. They are very short, but extremely heavy periods of intense rain. With our hillsides being unstable from the Colby Fire for the next three to five years, these periods of rain are what can be the most harmful and dangerous to the unstable hillside.

“Right now we are still assessing the damage but as much as 4 feet of mud is up against one of the homes and is starting to seep in” said Rick Flores, Media Relations Officer for the Los Angeles County County Fire Department.

Many streets North of Sierra Madre Avenue are completely covered with a coating of mud and debris from the hillsides above.

Some of the many affected streets were Sierra Madre Avenue, Easley Canyon Road, Palm Drive, Rainbow Drive and Grand Avenue where some mud flowed all the way down to Leadora Avenue.

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