Sandbags Still Available

Just as a reminder, there are plenty of sandbags still available and more being filled at the Glendora City Yard.

Sandbags are available to all residents as our next storm is on its way. The latest estimate is that Glendora could see anywhere between 2 and 5 inches of rain between Tuesday and Wednesday. Microbursts, like the one that hit Glendora early last Friday morning, are feared to be towards the beginning of the storm on Tuesday.

For residents who still have sandbags from last Winter’s storm, you can get empty bags from the city yard as well to reinforce and double bag the older ones. This is a more efficient way if you have some already in place.

Sandbags, both filled or empty, are available in the city yard, 440 South Loraine Avenue. The yard can be accessed from the dirt road just north of the railroad tracks. Below is a map of where to enter the City Yard driveway.


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