City Is Optomistic Storms will Stay On Current Course

City officials do not anticipate the need to raise the Colby alert status after recent weather information shows that rain intensities may not increase.

Rain fell at the rate of .25 inches per hour in the Glendora area. Twice that level would give authorities great concern, said City Manager Jeffers, because that level of saturation would create conditions ideal for mudslides.

In all, about 1.18 inches of rain fell in Glendora just before 4 p.m., city staff said.

These moderate showers will continue until about 8 p.m.

Glendora Police have 15 officers on duty, working overtime patrolling the Colby Fire Impact Area monitoring road conditions.

Los Angeles County Fire fighters did not report any need for rescues or extractions from mudflows. Hand crews spent time clearing mud from streets and flood channels in the foothill neighborhoods, said Battalion Mike Short.

A second storm has a 50 to 60 percent chance of hitting the area tomorrow.

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