BREAKING NEWS: Officals Raise Alert Status To Orange

The city of Glendora has already raised the city’s alert status to orange ahead of what forecasters are calling a powerful winter storm.

An orange status means:

  • Voluntary evacuation orders in effect.
  • Residents directed to remove vehicles, trash bins, other obstructions from streets and/or travel lanes prior to evacuating as they will be subject to tow or removal by authorities.
  • Residents will be directed to an Evacuation Center at the Crowther Teen & Family Center, 241 W. Dawson in Glendora.  (click for map)
  • Residents electing not to evacuate will be asked to sign a Refusal to Evacuate Form acknowledging their awareness of the hazards/risk and assuming all liability for the decision to remain and shelter in place.
  • Those persons staying should move to the highest point within their home.
  • Residents who do cooperate with the evacuation order will be afforded the opportunity to re-gain entry to their residential area at the discretion of the Police Department upon the showing of proof of residency and signing a waiver form acknowledging their decision to re-enter and/or remain.

The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood watch in effect at 12 a.m. Dec. 12, effective until 12 p.m. the same day, with flash flooding possible tonight through Friday evening in recent burn areas.

Moderate to heavy rainfall is expected with a chance for thunderstorms and small hail. Hourly rain rates of one half inch to on inch are possible with this winter storm, the NWS said.

The city announced yesterday that 20,000 sandbags would be available for residents to fill at the city yard, 440 South Loraine Avenue.




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