ROTARY NEWS: Student Honors & Rotoplast Project

From Jane Bock, Glendora Rotary Public Relations Chair:

Glendora Rotary Honors Royal Oak Middle School Students of the Month
On December 9 at the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Glendora we were honored to be able to present Student of the Month Awards to two very deserving students from Royal Oak Middle School.  

Eighth grade student Elias Gennaoui well represents the successful students at Royal Oak Middle School. He is a very responsible boy who knows his duties and always works to fulfill them. He always tries to have a positive attitude toward any challenge or problem that he faces. He is always appreciative of what he has and always tries to give back to others.
Elias has been volunteering at the Glendora Library for the last four summers. He likes playing soccer with the Glendora Youth Soccer Program where his team made it to first place this year. He takes piano lessons and his favorite subject is science.  He hopes to go to college and major in one of the science fields.

Eighth grade student Angela Prince has always been a hard worker. Even in kindergarten she would complete her homework without being asked. She loved school so much that she would be upset when the weekends came. Even now she does not have to be reminded to do her homework, but often reminds her parents that she needs to get her homework done. She loves to draw and makes greeting cards for the members of her family. She has been learning traditional Indian dance for the last year. She is very active in her church and excels in the Diocesan Sunday School Exams, and other competitions.  

Rotoplast, Saving Smiles … Changing Lives
The Rotary Club of Glendora was pleased to be able to host Paulette and Roger Schulte at their Tuesday, December 9, meeting.
Paulette and Roger presented a program on the Rotary International Rotoplast Project. This international project travels to different countries every few years to treat children that are afflicted with Cleft Palate, Cleft Lip and who need Rhinoplasty due to their Cleft condition.  
The Rotary volunteers that travel to foreign countries to perform the necessary medical surgery need to take all of their medical equipment and supplies with them.  This is a huge task when traveling on the airlines to get to their destination. All of these duties could not be accomplished without the teamwork with the local Rotary of the country of destination. One in 700 children in the world are born with cleft lip or cleft palate. We here in the United States are very lucky to be able to have our children treated within the first three to six months after they are born.  
Thanks to Rotarians working with Rotarians we are able to take on this major international project.  This is another great example of “Service Above Self.”




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