City Officials Release Early Morning Parking Restriction Explanation

Glendora Parking PermitPhoto by Zak Bushey.

The City of Glendora, along with the Glendora Police Department, are looking to remind the public as to why early morning parking restrictions are in place.

Many of us have experienced that pesky ticket on our car window after leaving it out overnight, for whatever reason. These parking restrictions have become a highly debated topic throughout the city, with residents on either side of the issue commenting through social media back and forth.

One resident, a follower on our Facebook page, believes that this is an illegal tax.

“Nobody approved of this illegal tax, nobody voted on it, the fascists just instigated it against us without comment”, the resident said.

These comments and public reaction to the restrictions have motivated City Officials to release a reminder as to why these were adopted back in 1983. Glendora City News is also working with City Officials to show a revenue breakdown in the near future to further allow transparency in regards to these monies.

The following is a statement from the City in regards to these restrictions.

“As the New Year gets underway, here is some information on early morning parking in Glendora. In 1983, the City adopted early morning parking restrictions. The purpose was to assist in cleaning up neighborhoods due to cars being parked and never moved, to make it easier for street sweepers to keep the streets clean, and to help police identify stolen cars and suspicious vehicles left on the streets during the early morning hours. La Verne, San Dimas, Claremont, and Covina have similar restrictions.

Parking is restricted Monday-Friday between the hours of 2 am and 4 am. Parking is allowed on Saturday, Sunday, and designated holidays. Permits costs $5 per night and can be obtained online at the city website, and at parking permit machines located in front of the Police Department entrance and in front of Gladstone Park at 630 E. Gladstone. You are able to purchase a permit covering five days.

In addition, the city can issue an annual parking permit to residents whose homes have limited parking availability. Permits costs $75 per year. Applications can be obtained at the police department or by calling 626-852-4825.
More detailed information is on the City of Glendora website at”

Additionally, here is a video showing the process of getting a permit online through the city website.

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