City Water Safe Despite Yellow Tint Near Repair Areas

Water Main Repair on Loraine Ave

There is a yellow tint to the tap water in some areas of Glendora that had worried residents.

One of the areas affected is near Loraine Ave, just north of Foothill Blvd where a large-scale water main replacement project has been ongoing. It turns out that the water is safe and the tint has an easy explanation according to Scott Hopkins, Water Division Superintendent for the City of Glendora.

“It’s Harmless, what happens is there is a change in direction the water is flowing in the pipe and that knocks off  a little bit of rust and turns the water a yellow color”, Hopkins said.

This was welcome news to some residents, as they were not warned of the possibility of this happening. The city did send out notices regarding the water main repairs and when water service would be interrupted however, so some assumed it was all tied in.

“We are flushing the line and it should clear up quickly”, Hopkins added.