WATER WATCH: City To Conduct Town Hall Meetings on Conservation Plan

The City of Glendora announced Wednesday that a series of town hall meetings will be planned to inform the public about the worsening drought’s effect on state and city policy.

Although the dates for the town hall meetings have not been publicized yet, they will occur over the next eight weeks. City Council and staff members will provide information on the statewide conservation requirements, new regulations ordered by the California State Water Resources Control Board and the city’s newly-adopted conservation plan.

The CAWRCB plan would force Glendora and 410 other water agencies to reduce consumption levels, with the city being ordered to reduce water usage by 36 percent between now and February of 2016.

The requirements were adopted in order to achieve a statewide 25 percent aggregate reduction in water usage. Governor Jerry Brown issued Executive Order B-29-15 April 1. It is the first such order of its kind in state history.

Glendora would lose nearly $2 million in revenue to comply with the state’s new requirements, City Staff said.

Meeting dates will be announced in the near future, City Staff said.