Wells Fargo Scam hitting Glendora Residents

Authorities are reporting a bank scam that has affected some residents recently and want Glendorans to be alert.

The scam, known as phishing, or smishing, involves a text message sent to victim’s cell phones alerting Wells Fargo bank customers of a bogus technical error limiting their debit card funds. The message instructs the victims to provide their nine-digit Social Security number, 16-digit bank card number, the card’s expiration date and the card’s three-digit security number, police said in a written statement.

Officers advise residents to not respond to such messages and to delete the text message.

If you may have responded to the message by relinquishing you personal information, call the Wells Fargo fraud line at 1-800-225-5935.

The Wells Fargo website advises to:
“Never take action on a request for your personal or financial information, including account numbers, passwords, Social Security number or birth date.

“If you receive a text message expressing an urgent need for you to update your information, activate an account, or verify your identity by calling a phone number or submitting information, on a website, do not respond and delete it. These messages may be part of a phishing scam conducted by fraudsters in an attempt to capture your confidential account information and may be used to commit fraud.”