Calling All Runners

Glendora Ridge Runners

The Glendora Ridge Runners are a local group with over 60 active members that provide a fun and motivating atmosphere to anyone with the desire and interest in running. After 15 years, they are still going strong and the social aspect keeps the members coming back.

Priding themselves on being an open group with no fees or dues, and all ability levels, they simply want people in the community to come and run! With a pretty set schedule, they have diverse workouts on different days to attract whatever type of run may interest you.

Different days of the week offer up a new workout, such as road runs, evening trail runs, morning long runs, special events and races as well as an evening track workout at Azusa Pacific University.

If any new comers are thinking of joining the Ridge Runners or want to come and see for themselves, they are encouraged to attend the track workout at APU, which is on Tuesday evenings. The Tuesday nights are switched to different runs though during summer, so check their website for locations.

Leon Laub, who is a leader with the Ridge Runners for more than five years, wants people to join knowing all experience levels are welcome.

“A lot  of people who come here have run on their own without any formal training. We have High School track coaches and so much combined experience, there is someone who has done almost everything,” Laub said.

For more info and to learn more about this active group, please visit their website or follow them on facebook.