Man Arrested After Trying To Ignite Objects Near Closed Gas Station

Stock Image, Glendora Police.

A patrol officer detained and eventually arrested a man Tuesday afternoon after witnessing him trying to light objects on fire.

The patrol officer found 37-year-old Edward Zavala at the closed Flagg Gasoline station, 1861 E. Route 66, at 4:41 p.m. reportedly trying to ignite a road flare and several pieces of paper, said. Sgt. Chris Stabio of Glendora Police.

Courtesy Photo/Glendora Police.

File Photo/Glendora Police.

Zavala was booked on suspicion of attempted arson, a felony level crime according to county booking records, and is being held in lieu of $150,000 bail.

Police found lighters in Zavala’s possession.

“It turns out this is not the first time that Mr. Zavala had done this,” Stabio said.

In Aug. of 2013, Zavala was arrested on suspicion of arson after fleeing from a small brush fire he ignited with a lighter on the hillside near Glendora Mountain Road north of Big Dalton Canyon. Zavala admitted to lighting the brush fire and fled out of fear. The lighter was recovered.

Zavala is scheduled to appear at the West Covina Superior Courthouse July 30, according to county booking records.