Glendora Continues Water Savings Trend in June

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The California State Water Resources Control Board released the June water use report detailing the consumption levels of the state’s urban water suppliers and shows Glendora continuing its savings trend.

Residents reduced their consumption by 35 percent compared to the same time period in 2013, barely missing the conservation standard of 36 percent set forth by the state by about 1,319,959 residential gallons per capita per day, according to SWRCB data.

Water consumption in city facilities, street medians and parks was reduced by 68.4 percent in May and 67.5 percent in June, Glendora officials reportedly recently.

Since January of this year, more than 564 customers have enrolled in the city’s rebate program to install water efficient devices. The city has processed or reserved more than $550,600 in rebates.

The turf removal program has eliminated more than 351,120 square feet of turf, according to Dave Davies, Glendora Public Woks Director.

June begins the official recording period where state officials will monitor water usage by the California’s 411 urban water suppliers and lasts through February of 2016.

Graph courtesy of the California State Water Resources Control Board.

Graph courtesy of the California State Water Resources Control Board.

Statewide, water usage decreased by 27.3 percent in June compared to the same period in 2013, despite this June being the warmest on record, state officials reported. The June savings is 15 percent of the goal of 1.2 million acre feet of water set by February of next year.

Of the 411 urban water suppliers operating under the new, strict emergency water conservation regulations, 265 suppliers serving 27.2 million people met or exceeded their target savings goals, with 40 percent reducing their water use by 30 percent, the Water Resources Control Board said.

“We don’t know if El Niño will rescue California from this drought or whether the drought will continue for another year or longer,” said Glendora City Manager Chis Jeffers in the latest edition of Glendora Report. He cautioned that residents’ efforts to save water must continue, or the city will face fines or court orders by the state.

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