WATER WATCH: Glendorans Record Big Water Savings In July

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

The California State Water Resources Control Board released statewide and local conservation data August 27, showing Glendora having cut back drastically on consumption last month.

In July, Glendora reduced its residential gallons per capita per day by 38.3 percent, above the 36 percent standard established by state officials. The estimated monthly savings is 136.7 R-GPCD.

Statewide water consumption dropped by 31.3 percent for July, exceeding that of Governor Jerry Brown’s 25 percent mandate for the second month in a row, according to the SWRCB. The cumulative savings from June to July is 29.5 percent.

“Californians’ response to the severity of the drought this summer is now in high gear and shows that they get that we are in the drought of our lives. This isn’t your mother’s drought or your grandmother’s drought, this is the drought of the century,” said Felicia Marcus, Chair of the State Water Resources Control Board in a written statement.

Residents reduced their consumption by 35 percent in June compared to the same time period in 2013, barely missing the conservation standard of 36 percent set forth by the state by about 1,319,959 residential gallons per capita per day, according to SWRCB data.

Water suppliers that did not meet their target goals were contacted by state officials after the release of June data and were asked to provide information on their existing conservation programs.