Large Bear Chows Down Inside Resident’s Kitchen

It was the last thing husband and wife Justin and Lisa Ashcraft would expect in their Glendora home: a large bear snacking in their kitchen in the 1900 block of East Foothill Boulevard.

The Ashraft’s found the bear in their kitchen August 12. After seeing the bear comfortably chowing down on tortillas and bread from a cupboard, Justin grabbed his two children and wife and ran upstairs to call 911.

Glendora officers responded to the call at 10:28 p.m., entered the home to find the bear still inside the kitchen. An officer fired a bean bag round at the bear’s rear end, scaring it out through the kitchen door it came in through and up into the hillside, said Lt. Matt Egan of Glendora Police.

While Egan did not know how big the bear was, Lisa Ashcraft estimated it was 400 pounds.

It left no obvious markings or damage as it entered the kitchen through a sliding glass door it opened, Lisa said.

“One of the police officers said he had never seen a bear that big before in his life and he had seen a lot in his day,” Lisa said.

The Ashcraft’s, whom usually get furry visitors every now and then, caution fellow residents to be bear aware.

“Be careful fellow Glendora … there’s a big hungry bear out there who is opening up doors to get food,” Lisa said.