Term Limits For Council Members To Be Discussed at Tuesday’s Meeting

Glendora City Hall

With term limits for commissioners and board members having been a topic recently, the Glendora City Council will look inward Tuesday and learn about the process needed to enact term limits for themselves.

The discussion Tuesday night is only an informational session, Staff said, and no action or recommendation will be made during the City Council meeting.

Council member Gary Boyer requested City Staff to report to the Council on the topic at the August 11 City Council meeting.

A resident emailed every Council member regarding prior discussions of term limits for commissioners and board members and felt that the Council should discuss such term limits for themselves, Boyer said.

To impose term limits on City Council members, an ordnance must either be approved by voters during a regularly scheduled election. The City Council itself my also adopt such term limits, or Glendora residents may also propose an initiative to enact them, according to City Staff.

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City Council mainstay Karen Davis, who has served for 10 years, expressed concern during a May 27, 2014, Council meeting over the elimination of term limits for commission and board members, stating “by having the term limits, we have the opportunity to get input from a lot of different citizens … to give us new and different ideas,” a stance she reiterated at a July 28 meeting.

Davis feels that the City Council, however, is a different situation.

“The commissions are appointed by the Council versus elected by the general population. When it’s the five of us having to sit there making decisions, it’s a little more challenging to unseat than given a general election where the people have that opportunity. It’s a different dynamic,” Davis said.

“History has demonstrated that candidates run as good a chance as incumbents. In the recent election we saw that,” Davis said. “I think every four years there are term limits in the sense that Council members, if they choose to run for reelection, have to  prove their case to voters.”

Davis also makes the case that longevity with City Council members in the region allow them to accomplish goals that may not be achievable with term limits in place.

John Fasana, Duarte Council member, has served for 28 years. Davis said he has been instrumental in bringing the Gold Line out east and his longevity has allowed him to continue his work with the Gold Line.

San Dimas Council member Denis Bertone has served for 27 years, while Pomona Council member Paula Lantz has served for 24 years, just to name a few.

Boyer is still undecided on how he feels about the idea of term limits for Council members.

“I’m still thinking about whether it’s a good idea, but I think it is something that should be discussed,” Boyer said.

The Council meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 116 E. Foothill Blvd.