Officials Eye Membership With California Contract Cities Assoc.

Glendora City Hall

The Glendora City Council last week discussed the possibility of joining the California Contract Cities Association.

As an organization, the CCCA seeks to assist member cities in advocating and advancing the contracting model, advocating for cities at the state and local levels and embracing public/private partnership and protecting local control, while providing a variety of networking opportunities to pool resource and exchange ideas and information.

Council member Gary Boyer requested discussion of the topic at the February 9 City Council meeting to see whether it would be beneficial to join the CCCA.

Many surrounding cities are part of CCCA, including Azusa, San Dimas, Claremont and Pomona.

Membership cities are those that contract for municipal services, including law enforcement and fire. Glendora does contract with the Los Angeles County Fire Department and is a member of the Los Angeles County Fire District. city staff said.

Glendora also contracts for landscape maintenance, tree trimming and parking enforcement, said Valerie Escalante, assistant to the Glendora City Manager.

Cities pay a CCCA membership fee every fiscal year, calculated on population.

If adopted, Glendora would receive a prorated fee through the end of fiscal year 2015-16 of $1,616. For the following fiscal year, Glendora would pay an annual fee of just under $5,090 if a a proposed fee increase of 5 percent is passed by the CCCA, city staff was told.

Glendora is a member of multiple governmental organizations, such as the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, Local Agency Formation Commission, Southern California Association of Governments, Independent Cities Association, League of California Cities and San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership, city staff said.

The Council voted unanimously to continue discussion and vote on this item at the March 22 City Council meeting. The Council will also vote to select a representative and an alternate to serve on the CCCA.

The California Contract Cities Association was formed in 1958 with a mere eight cities as a way to ensure that “all cities were treated equally when contracting for municipal services with the county,” according to CCCA President Gustavo Camacho. The CCCA now boasts 70 member cities.