Construction Resumes On Citrus Ave. Connector To Gold Line

Construction crews continued work this week on the Citrus Avenue extension to the Citrus/APU Gold Line Station. Photo by Aaron Castrejon.

After a brief bout of rain last week, construction resumes on the Citrus Avenue connecting road to the Citrus/APU Gold Line Station.

Construction resumed Tuesday, April 12 and is scheduled to be completed in 20 weeks, said Jeff Rulon, representative for Rosedale Land Partners, LLC. The rains from last week delayed construction and crews had to wait until the storms subsided.

“The county has very specific guidelines that allow you to open up the street. Beyond a 40 percent chance [of rain], you can’t get into the street,” Rulon said.

Rosedale Land Partners is the lead construction agency on the road project.

Traffic in both directions has been reduced to one lane north of Foothill Boulevard.

Construction was scheduled to re-start the week of April 4, said Daniel Bobadilla, director of public works/city engineer for Azusa. Construction initially began in March just under the Citrus Avenue Gold Line overpass.

Azusa city officials and Rosedale Land Partners sent a letter to Los Angeles Metro officials asking that the Citrus/APU Station opening be delayed until remaining roadwork connecting Citrus Avenue and Foothill Boulevard near the station be completed in the summer, said Habib Balian, Gold Line Foothill Extension CEO.

Azusa interests were worried the construction would cause traffic congestion and unsafe pedestrian crossings. Metro Board Chairman Mark Ridley-Thomas wrote a response to Azusa Mayor Joe Rocha, refusing to delay the opening.

Metro continues to run a shuttle to and from the Citrus/APU Gold Line Station. Riders can take the white shuttle to the station from the southwest corner of Foothill Boulevard and Citrus Avenue.