Three Cited in Illegal Fireworks Sting

Glendora detectives conducted two illegal fireworks stings recently, seizing hundreds of dollars worth of illegal fireworks. Photo by Zak Bushey.

Glendora detectives seized hundreds of dollars worth of illegal fireworks, arresting two of three men accused of peddling the contraband on Craiglslist recently.

Two stings were set up this week in Glendora, June 27 and June 29, with local sellers of the mortar round aerial fireworks. Misdemeanor citations were issued to all three alleged sellers, police said.

Police were tipped off recently that some Glendora residents were purchasing illegal aerial fireworks through Craigslist, said Glendora Police Captain Joe Ward.

Glendora detectives searched the website, finding dozens of sellers of illegal fireworks across Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange counties.

Detectives contacted two Pomona men, 23-year-old Carlos Berruecos and 24-year-old Ruben Galves, and arranged for a meeting at In N Out, 1331 S. Lone Hill Ave. Upon meeting the men, detectives detained them, seizing about $500 worth of contraband fireworks, Ward said.

Both Pomona men were issued misdemeanor citations for possession of dangerous fireworks and fireworks sales without a license.

Detectives then contacted a third seller, 23-year-old Covina resident Briant Flores, through Craigslist and met him at a Covina apartment complex, eventually seizing about $400 worth of fireworks, Ward said.

Flores was not arrested, but issued a misdemeanor citation in the field for possession of dangerous fireworks and firework sales without a license.

All three men were issued the citations with an appearance to be made in court at a future date, Ward said.

“This is a priority for us. We’re a foothill community, we saw what happened last week in Duarte, Azusa and Monrovia. Aerial fireworks are dangerous and present a fire hazard,” Ward said.

Detectives will continue to monitor Craigslist for illegal fireworks sales in the area and may conduct stings as the need arises.

All fireworks, including safe and sane varieties, are illegal in Glendora.

Nearly one year ago, a Glendora man severely injured himself while lighting illegal aerial-style fireworks, causing him to lose multiple fingers and portions of both hands.



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