Waffa’s Kitchen is Big on Quality, Big on Portions

Waffa Massih has owned her restaurant, Waffa's Kitchen, for eight years, lovingly nestled in a strip mall on Foothill Blvd. Photo by Aaron Castrejon.

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. With Waffa’s Mediterranean Kitchen, this is certainly an adage to live by.

Waffa’s Mediterranean Kitchen, a humble, family owned Mediterranean restaurant, has captured the hearts of many in Glendora. Located at 221 W. Foothill Blvd. in a nondescript strip mall, Waffa Massih’s business has happily served the community for eight years, bringing joy to others with her delicious food.

Photo by Zak Bushey.

Photo by Zak Bushey.

The restaurant may seem insignificant on the outside, but on the inside, its heart is big on quality and big on portions.

“This year, I am very blessed.” Massih said smiling. “It’s like I won Glendora.”

The beef kabobs and chicken kabobs, flavored with a secret recipe of seasonings, are among Waffa’s most popular items and their tabbouleh is a hit.

Patrons can also choose from three different Shawarma offerings: the Beef Shawarma plate, or the equally delicious Chicken Shawarma plate, both accompanied by a healthy side of rice, hummos and two pita breads.

The Chicken Kabob plate comes with six pieces of chicken, salad, rice, hummos and two pita breads. Photo by Aaron Castrejon.

The Chicken Kabob plate comes with six pieces of chicken, salad, rice, hummos and two pita breads. Photo by Aaron Castrejon.

While the menu may be small, Waffa’s offers generous portions. The food is homemade, using fresh, top quality ingredients.

“I learned to give a lot,” Massih said. “If you don’t give what the people deserve, you won’t have good business.”

In search of better weather, Massih moved from Chicago to Los Angeles in 1988. Her husband, Mounir Massih, was a jeweler. He opened a jewelry shop in Downtown LA, but luck was not on their side. The two were robbed a few times. In an effort to support her family, she began to cook.
Her loving and generous attitude sets her apart from other Mediterranean restaurants.

Waffa’s popularity began at home. She always liked to cook, but never worked before. She grew famous among her friends and word spread about her wonderful cooking. Massih prides herself on never advertising, her success coming through word of mouth.

In the beginning, Massih mainly focused her attention on catering, not take out. Now she has her hands full focusing on both.

Massih’s small restaurant handles a high volume of catering orders. Recently, Waffa’s handled a catering order for 400 guests of a funeral at Our Lady of Mt. Lebanon Church in Los Angeles.

She is extremely grateful for her extensive family. She has four children, and seven grandkids. Her husband Mounir, daughters Sylvia, Claudia, Rania, son Tony and his wife Danielle and her son-in-laws Tony, Scott and Eric have been a big help around the restaurant.

Massih creates a motherly atmosphere inside her restaurant, chatting with customers and offering samples of her food, creating a sense of home away from home.

She works to see the smile on people’s faces, not necessarily for the money.

“This is my enjoyment.” Massih said.

She has no plans to make the restaurant bigger, or open more restaurants.

“I’m happy here,” Massih expressed.

Waffa’s Kitchen is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call Waffa's at (626) 914-3500 or visit their website.

Stop by at Waffa’s Restaurant to pick up a free baklava. Just mention this article on Glendora City News to Waffa!