Sheriff’s Homicide Detectives Investigate ‘Suspicious’ Death

Glendora detectives were busy investigating the suspicious death of a woman, obscured by yellow police tape, early Thursday morning. Photo by Aaron Castrejon.

The body of a white female who died under what police call suspicious circumstances had yet to be removed from where it was discovered Thursday.

The woman’s body was found by Metrolink workers who were traveling on the tracks. The body was resting to the side of the tracks about a quarter mile west of Lone Hill Avenue and Auto Cetre Drive around 10:09 a.m

The woman is apparently well known to Glendora Police, having had previous run-ins with authorities, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lieutenant John Corina explained.

“It appears she’s well known to the local police here. It’s lady who has some type of medical issues and mental issues,” Corina said.

Authorities believe the body is that of a woman who lives with her father, only a few blocks from where she was found. Detectives are interviewing family members to positively Identify the body.

“It looks like nothing suspicious with her. Nothing obvious on the body, no signs of trauma. We may have to wait for an autopsy to find out exactly what happened to her,” Corina said, adding her death could be natural … a result of her medical issues, or dehydration.

No obvious signs of gunshots, stab wounds or other signs of trauma were found Corina said.

Authorities have also ruled out the idea that the woman may have been struck by a train.

“It looks like she may have just fell down on the tracks here in the heat,” Corina said.

Glendora officers and detectives cordoned off the scene and performed an initial investigation. Sheriff’s Homicide investigators arrived to take over the investigation around 11:45 a.m.

Glendora Police Chief Tim Staab said that any time a suspicious death is discovered in town, Sheriff’s Homicide detectives are called to investigate.

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