Colorama Vacating, Community Hike Saturday Seeking Ideas For Location

Colorama location *photo courtesy of Glenn Yee

The Glendora open space, more affectionately known as South Hills Wilderness Park, covers a vast area just to the North of the 210 freeway.  The wilderness Park has long contained a variety of opportunities for the community including the Centennial Heritage Park, play grounds, dog parks as well as a variety of hiking and picnicking.

At the end of this month a longtime income producing tenant for the City of Glendora, Colorama Nurseries, will be vacating the approximately 10 acres that they have been leasing to grow perennials for such companies as Lowe’s and Home Depot.

The property will be put back to its original state with all fencing, water lines and company affects removed.

Mr. Michael Allawos has started an effort to gather public opinion and corporate sponsors to drive what the Glendora citizens might want to do with the vacating Colorama site and what general improvements they would like to see or not see.

Mr. Allawos is quoted as saying “this is our chance to have a community conversation in an open and transparent way to drive the future of the open space so there will be no regrets or misunderstandings in the future”.

Colorama location *photo courtesy of Glenn Yee

Colorama location *photo courtesy of Glenn Yee

The City of Glendora will have to look for ways to replace the approximately $37,000 in annual revenue now lost with the exodus of Colorama from the City of Glendora.

There is a community hike scheduled for Saturday, October 15th at 8:00 am at the Bonnie Cove Entrance to the park to hike to the Colorama location so that you can see the area.

From Bonnie Cove and Gladstone intersection, travel north and you’ll drive right into the park. It’s always good to get community feedback as we plan for the future and this is your opportunity to make sure you are involved in what happens in South Hills Park.