Attempted Baby Buyer Turns Out To Be Good Samaritan

Rolando Garcia, Photo courtesy of KTLA Video

The story that all the local media shared a few days ago regarding a man attempting to buy a baby at a Covina grocery store turned out to be a good samaritan, simply trying to offer money to help with her grocery costs.

Rolando Garcia, a successful Irwindale trucking company owner as well as a Pastor, saw himself on the news and immediately contacted the police to clear up the misunderstanding. While shopping at the Baja Ranch Market in Covina with a friend on Wednesday, he noticed the mother and child and it made him want to help.

According to an interview he did with KTLA, he spotted the mother in the check-out line and wanted to “pay it forward”, but the woman took it the wrong way.

The police talked with the alleged victim again based on Garcia’s explanation and determined it all made sense. Garcia has been in this country 19 years and is a wealthy business owner simply trying to help someone in need.

Garcia told KTLA that if he had to do it again, he would still offer the woman a hundred dollars.




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