America’s Christian Credit Union Celebrates 2000 Adoptions

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America’s Christian Credit Union (ACCU), a faith-based financial institution, recently funded its 2,000th adoption loan — an exciting milestone in its 11-year ministry of assisting members who seek to adopt. 

Recognizing that HOME is the most important milestone of all, and believing that every child deserves a forever family, ACCU has made it their mission since 2009 to work diligently on behalf of vulnerable children until the last waiting child is welcomed home. Specifically, ACCU took an active role in crafting an affordable solution for America’s adoptive families, removing the biggest barrier to adoption.

For many people, the cost of adoption can seem daunting, especially if they are going through an agency or adopting internationally– or both. The average cost of adoption in the United States ranges anywhere from $30,000 – $45,000. ACCU’s Adoption Loan Program is one of the few products in the nation designed specifically for the growing Christian family. Its goal is to respond to member needs, ease this financial burden, and assist in building stronger families among its membership.

“Thank you for praying with us throughout our adoption journey. We are so thankful for ACCU. Without financial assistance, we would not be able to afford it. You truly have been an encouragement and blessing to us. God definitely uses you in powerful, beautiful ways. Thank you for the boldness of your faith, we thanked God over and over again for putting you in our path to walk this journey with us. You have no idea how much you blessed us,” said Amanda Cagle, who, with her husband Caleb, experienced the miracle of adoption of their baby girl Emmi through ACCU’s Adoption Loan Program. 

Every adoption is a beautiful milestone and celebrates the fulfillment of God’s promise “to set the lonely in families.” In the month of November, ACCU will recognize the 2,000th adoptive family during its annual Adoption Month celebration. This annual event, which ACCU calls “A.D.O.P.T.” (A Day of Prayer Together), is a special celebration featuring adoptive families and adoption partners, champions and advocates to recognize the hard work each has done to further the mission of ending the orphan crisis around the world. This ACCU-hosted event brings awareness to the needs of nearly 400,000 vulnerable children in the U.S. foster care system and 143 million orphans worldwide who need the love, safety and support of home and family.

In response to the milestone, ACCU President/CEO Vicki VannBerstein said, “As an adoptive mother myself, I know the adoption process can be arduous and overwhelming. No words can describe the true joy we feel as an organization to be a part of the process of adoption and to see dreams come true for so many families. We thank God for our members, partners and supporters; because of you, thousands of children are now cherishing moments at HOME. Thank you!” 

To mark this momentous milestone, ACCU is also pleased to announce its partnership with CarePortal, a ministry of the Global Orphan Project, that provides an online platform to help meet the needs of hurting children and families in crisis in every community in America. In Los Angeles County alone, an estimated 34,000 children are either in, or on the verge of family breakdown, homelessness or system integration. With the support of its members and in its commitment to building stronger families, ACCU became the first county sponsor in Los Angeles County to help CarePortal launch this strategic initiative to serve local foster children and families in need. “The idea of being the first county sponsor for L.A. County [CarePortal] is a big deal. To have your entire staff of ACCU get involved in meeting the needs of children in L.A. County is remarkable. Thank you for what you’re doing with us at the Global Orphan Project and CarePortal. Our mission is the same – to equip the local church to make a greater impact for the Kingdom, but what blows us away about ACCU is that you do it so specifically with children. Thank you!” said Adrien Lewis, CarePortal Executive Director.

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